Introduction I

Welcome to the Art Service Website!
Please, don't be disappointed if this site appears to be not ready at the moment. It will never be ready anyway. It is constantly in motion and will be a bit different every time you drop in.

It took me three weeks to program the "Art-Service-Page-Selector-Module" and I'm kind of lucky to have it done in the end.

I will fill the pages with worksamples, informations, links, downloads, pictures, animations, movies and sounds. Bit by bit, day by day. Drop in from time to time and see how the content grows.

I am also working on a network for clients and deliverers in advertising, graphic design, illustration, multimedia, web-design, and other topics. I will call this the "Art Service Graphical Network". There are two other networks existing as a blueprint: The "Visual Art Network" and the "Musical Network". I will keep you informed about the progress we make.

There are some pages which are available already: i.e. the "Postman"-page, which contains our address and phone number and also some working links.

At this point I like to appologize to all our german customers. I'm sorry, but this site will never be available in german language. Merely to redesign the buttons of the "page-selector" would cost me three days of time, not to mention the translation of all the content pages. On the other hand: if I would have made a german site only, I had to disregard our international clients.

I wish you to have a nice time while browsing through our website.

Chris Anderson / Kleinfeld