Introduction II

How to use the "Art-Service-Page-Selector"
The use of our genuine, genius and unique "page-selector" is very simple:

1.) Select a topic by pressing one of the big luminescent buttons at the left side.

2.) Select a page by pressing a number on the figure-keyboard at the bottom.

You can let the "postman"-page show up by pressing the yellow symbol.

You can write us an eMail by pressing the @-symbol.

You can go back to the index homepage by pressing the house-symbol.

The two arrows for "page back" and "page forward" will lead you to the first page or the recent page of a topic.

All buttons are interactive "roll-overs". If you select a page the "page-number-index" will blink and show the page number you have selected.

Use the sliders (they show up if the content overflows the basic window) to relocate the visable part of any content page. If you want to see pictures (Gig's or JPG's) you can download them on your harddrive by clicking the right mousebutton on a picture in your browser and then select "save on hardrive".

You can use the "Art-Service-Page-Selector" for your website, if you want us to create your web-appearance. (Don't try to download the module by portions from you browser-window - it won't work!)

The page-selector is available in different appearances and skins. You can have the buttons smaller or bigger or in other colours. Of course there can be other portions of text on the buttons. Also the number, position and the form of the buttons can vary, depending on your demands. The background colour can change and you can also have background plates in marble, rootwood, sandpaper or metal surface.

The big advantage of the page-selector is the fact that your visitors will always know the exact position on your site. If you put a link to a website out in the WWW, the visitor will always find back to you because the foreign site only opens up in your mainframe. Ideal for comunity-sites with "subtenants".

But, of course, that does not mean that every website, created by the Art Service, will have a "page-selector". Please contact us. We will advise you!

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