GALAXY # Metropolis (technical specifications)

Composition, recording and mixdown by means of VST-Software-Sequencer. The tracks are:

1.) Drums: MIDI-sample-player with 35 samples from my own drumset. (Yamaha, Tama, Zildjan, Paiste)

2.) Bass: MIDI-sample player with samples of an acoustic-electric bass (through amp and box)

3.) Organ: Hammond-B3-Software with automation tracks for rotor and panning.

4.) Choir: "Choir Aahs" from Audigy soundcard. Converted into wave track to be affected by mixdown.

5.) Vocals: My own voice through equalizer and reverb-unit.

6.) Robot-voice: Vocoder-software. Carrier: my voice. Modulator: MIDI-track.

7.+ 8.) Guitar: recorded dry, using single-coil pickups in bridge/middle-position. Same signal copied on two tracks. Guitar-software in two different settings for left and right. Automation tracks for VCF "wah-filter" and switching.

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