GALAXY # Metropolis # Description
The Idea was born when I experimentated with a guitar riff which I placed on a Hammond-B3-Theme. The bass is dancing around it and the simple but heavy drumming is holding the pieces together. The result is a sound which reminds of Deep Purple. The vocal and the choir part was easy to be done after that just by following my intuition. While the guitar is rather influenced by Hendrix, the rhythm of the solo reminds of Police. The furious and bombastic ending is typical for the early Yes. A colourful bunch of sounds of the 70ties. You may like it sometimes.

The decision to pick up the Metropolis-metapher was also affected by the fact that this motion picture came back as a restored version and is now shown in the cinemas again.

According to the music I have painted a picture on which an industrial roboter is shown.

There are some videos on Youtube. Please search for " Christian Kleinfeld "

The Metropolis movie is about the world of labour. The industrial revolution and its impacts to the society. Fritz Lang was composing a very unique science fiction drama in which he reflects the problems of his era. It reminds of greek tragedies and operas of Richard Wagner. His pictures belonged to the avantgarde of his time. Nevertheless the film had bad critics in the papers mainly because of its very kitschy content. But today we experience that most of any SF-directors were following the Metropolis-model.

Today, at the beginning of the second industrial revolution, the motion picture is becoming a new relevance. While the workers in the picture are working very hard under the ground, today there is not enough work for everybody because the machines are doing it for us. And even more then this: intelligent technologies will also execute sophisticated, demanding and creative jobs for us. The society of the future will be a society without work. The resulting necessity for politcal and paradigm change is still on the agenda, today as well as it was in 1927.

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