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Before the 2.worldwar, Helgoland has been a highly frequented island for holyday, recreation and experience. There was much to explore. They had numerous hotels, a great casino and even an electric elevator between the upper and the lower part. The "Lung Wai" with its cafés, craft shops and restaurants appeared like an avenue in a typical seaside resort at the turn of the century.

After the war Helgoland was completely destroyed. There is not much left that reminds of the ancient glory. This is the reason why I decided ro draw a picture in which some of the cultural life on this single ocean island in the national territory of Germany is illustrated.

I have done this with lead pencil on drawing board. The views were taken from books and postcards. Originally it was just a pre-drawing for the later colour picture, but since people were interested in the copy prints also, I decided to make a separate monocrome picture in lead pencil style also.

The buyer and the whereabout is unknown.

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