Welcome to the provisoric site setup of the virtual art gallery of Christian Kleinfeld and the activities of the event concept "ArtMedia2kx"

Introducing a new business segment that is ment to appear separately from the previous activities of the Art Service.

Art Service is a classic advertising agency that concentrates mainly on graphic design, corporate identity, photo, typography, illustration but also consulting.

ArtMedia2kx is an event series with exhibitions wherin paintings of Christian Kleinfeld were shown. But also with live performances in music, vaudeville and comedy as well as lectures about painting techniques and sometimes featuring special guests.

The Altstadt-Galerie is the laboratory of Christian Kleinfeld. In here there is his painting workroom and a tiny gallery (i.e. small music club) as well as a digital sound studio.

Galaxy is the sound-concept for musical compositions in the field of jazz, rock, soul, raggae, blues and related areas. The music of Galaxy is published as download or direct-stream here on this site or is part of the artmedia-event-series. Herein Galaxy appears as a solo-performance with guitar and computer-sequencers, but can also be a complete band with up to seven musicians. Meaning that Galaxy is less a "band" in a traditional sence rather than a variable session and studio concept. More about Galaxy, what it sounds like, how to book it and what its function is on artmedia-events will be featured behind the following links. You will find music-videos on Youtube and other portals.

Christian Kleinfeld is painting pictures by "Colour Spot Method" a unique and new painting technique in neo-impressionistic style. These pictures have a size of 130 x 92 cm (51 x 36 in), painted in conventional oil colour on canvas. All pictures, even those that are already sold, are available as a replication in arbitrary sizes. Additionally a comprehensive archive of older material is provided. These pictures might be sold already sometimes. Nevertheless they can be reproduced subsequently.

Activities in the music range concentrate mainly on "Metal Jazz", a style which cannot be explicitly classified. Even though "Jazz Rock" could be a fitting genre for the most.

The start of the artmedia events had to be postponed every now and then. Also the website should have been done already. But since the selling of pictures has already run up, offers in the Altstadt-Galerie, in other galleries as well as in eBay are placed, we decided to publish a provisoric website, so that interested people can a have a look to all the other pictures.

There is not much to be explored at the moment but we do the best we can to provide at least an overview of the most important items.

You may use newsboards such as "twitter" or "facebook" (artmedia2kx) to stay informed about our latest activities. You may write me (us) a mail to artmedia2kx@mail.de # Look for the seller "ArtServGer" in eBay to see our auctions.

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